June 10, 2014

Golden Rose Holiday #78

Hello, dears !

It's been awhile since I last showed you a swatch, right ? It seems like it was ages ago. But I'll try to skip the part where I confess just how bad of a blogger I am and I'll get right to the point instead...

Golden Rose Holiday #78 is a neon orange textured nail polish with some tiny, almost invisible silver shimmer in it. It applies like a charm and two coats are opaque enough. Also, you don't have to wait too much in between coats, as this nail polish dries before you finish painting the nails on the other hand, which I find amazing.

As always, I am very sorry I cannot show you this beauty in natural light, but time is so precious to me, I can barely afford it ! ^_^ These photos were, therefore, taken in artificial light. But if you want to get a glimpse of how the color of this nail polish looks like in natural light, you might want to check out this design I did a while back. I used this nail polish as a base color, but then I also made a gradient with another nail polish, drew some flowers and applied a glossy top coat. Well, I guess it will just have to do... ^_^

You can purchase this nail polish for 15 RON from cosmania.ro and you can also like the Golden Rose Romania Facebook page to stay updated with their latest products and discounts.
Thanks for the visit ! Bye !



  1. E fabuloasa culoarea asta! Superba. Ma intreb daca si in lumina naturala e la fel de turbata? :)

    1. E incredibil de frumoasă, foarte potrivită pentru vară și lângă o piele bronzată... Am poze cu ea în lumina naturală, vezi că scrie în articol. Dar la soare zici că explodează de intensitate, e neon rău ! :) Frumoasă, ce mai...

  2. Iubesc ojele din gama Holiday, desi nu am aceasta nuanta care imi face cu ochiul :)

    1. Și mie îmi place mult această gamă, iar oja asta chiar ți-o recomand pentru vară ! ^_^