Alphabet nail art challenge - 'D'

Sugar skulls

Alphabet nail art challenge - 'S'

Undress me

Alphabet nail art challenge - 'U'

Chocolate marble

My guilty pleasure

Tropical sunset

Alphabet nail art challenge - 'T'

August 31, 2014


Hello, everybody !

Today's theme in the "Alphabet nail art challenge" is the letter 'R', and I chose to create this Romantic manicure. I know it's been 5 weeks since my last post and I truly missed doing my nails and writing articles on my blog for you. However, now I'm back and I really hope I'll be able to continue doing what I love. ^_^

Day time - natural light

I started with my usual base coat and then applied two coats of Golden Rose Rich Color #05. When that dried, I simply took Gabrini Summer Edition - #M110 and stamped a flower pattern using a stamping plate I got from Born Pretty Store. Then I just used Seche Vite to seal the design.

Night time - flash

So... now onto your opinions ! Do you like the theme, the idea, the result, the pictures ?... I'd love to see what you think about this design. Thank you for your time ! ^_^