June 14, 2014

Glitter gradient

Hello, everybody !

Today's theme in the "Alphabet nail art challenge" is the letter 'G', and I chose to create a Glitter gradient manicure. I used some vibrant Lm nail polishes for this look, together with the iridescent glitter nail polish from Cupio Rainbow #57.

I first used a base coat and then applied a light green nail polish on three of my nails, while choosing a vibrant peach for my ring and thumb nails (you should know that on my right hand I switched up the colors). I thought that these colors worked great together, but I decided that the iridescent glitter nail polish Rainbow #57 from Cupio was all it took to tie this manicure together. It contains small, medium and large hexagonal glitters in a transparent base. The amount of glitter is just about right and it transfers well on the nails, it applies easily and the drying time is not bad at all. I decided to cover up the accent nails entirely with two coats of this glitter, while on the other nails I used it to create a gradient from the cuticle area. I chose these colors because I think they really resemble the tones of the glitter particles in different lighting, but I really like how it looks like on the color of the accent nails. When it was all dry, I applied one coat of Seche Vite and kept my manicure for a whole week.

So... now onto your opinions ! Do you like the theme, the idea, the result, the pictures ?... I'd love to see what you think about this design. Thank you for your time ! ^_^ 


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  1. Wwwwwoooooooowww ce culori frumoase ai ales,a ieshit super <3

  2. Wow, sunt superbe nuanțele folosite ca bază! Și glitter-ul arată foarte frumos!
    Chiar eram pe punctul să aleg aceeași temă pentru această colaborare, dar m-am răzgândit în ideea că glitter gradient am mai tot făcut și arătat pe blog. :D

  3. Foarte frumoase nuantele !

  4. Glitterul peste aceste superbe culori este de mare efect. Imi place foarte mult combinatia!

    1. Mă bucur foarte mult că îți place, Andrea ! :*

  5. I have that glitter as well! :D I love your manicure and the way you always find nice poses for the pictures you post on here :D

    1. I am so glad you like my pictures ! :) Thank you !