May 24, 2014


Hello, everybody !

Today's theme in the "Alphabet nail art challenge" is the letter 'D', and I chose to create a Denim manicure. I used both nail polish and acrylic paints to achieve this look, as well as a stamping plate and some round gold studs.

I started with a base coat and then applied one coat of a blue nail polish on all of the nails. Once that dried, I started applying different shades of blue acrylic paint with a fan brush to create the denim effect. On the accent nails, I used a beige nail polish to stamp an intricate design that looks like the sewing on the back pocket of blue jeans, then I used the same beige nail polish and some white acrylic paint to create the stitching of the pockets. Finally, I applied the matte top coat from Golden Rose and put two golden studs in the upper corner of each pocket.

So... now onto your opinions ! Do you like the theme, the idea, the result, the pictures ?... I'd love to see what you think about this design. Thank you for your time ! ^_^

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  1. Foarte frumoase Oana,minunata idee <3

  2. Geniala inspiratia si superba manichiura. Detaliile buzunarelor sunt perfecte. ♥

  3. Faina ideea. Foarte frumos ti-a iesit modelul

  4. Foarte drăguțe! Îmi place buzunarul. :D

  5. Minunata idee si superb rezultatul :-*

  6. imi place extrem de mult aspectul de denim iar buzunarele ti-au iesit perfect, pupici :)

    1. Mersi din suflet, Mihaela, mă bucur că îți place ! :)

  7. e interpretare interesanta ai ales , imi place mult de tot .

  8. Told you they're perfect :*

  9. Deci, nu m-as fi gandit la denim :)) Arata impecabil, ai redat perfect efectul si buzunarele! Felicitari!

    1. Mă bucur tare mult că îți place, Kinga ! :*

  10. Efectul de denim arata exceptional...imi place idea ta, eu nu m-am gandit la aceasta tema!

  11. super inspiratie ai avut!a iesit grozav <3

  12. Wow cat de bine arata, nici nu zici ca e pictat ;)