November 19, 2014

Purple autumn

Hello, dear friends !
Sorry for not posting for so long... Life can be such a mess sometimes ! I just needed to tidy up a bit and get back on track. I think I finally nailed it... :D

Today it's time for an autumn manicure, for which I chose burgundy and gold, studs, a textured accent nail.and free-handed leaves. Nothing special, nothing complicated. Just... something different.

I used Golden Rose Rich Color #31 on my thumb and pinky, Golden Rose Holiday #58 for the accent nail and S-he Stylezone #320 on my pointer and middle finger nails.

I just hope you like the result as much as I did...

Thanks for stopping by ! ^_^


  1. Minunata manichiura!

  2. Foarte frumoasa manichiura ta,bine ai revenit,imi era dor de unghiutele tale frumoase ,3

  3. Frumoasa manichiura .
    Superba GR 31 ! O am si eu :)

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