October 12, 2014

Chocolate marble

What does a normal girl do when she is stressed ? She eats chocolate ! ^_^
Well... I'm not saying I am stressed, but my life could be better right now.
I'm not saying I ate chocolate, but I created a design inspired by chocolate on my nails.

As usual, I applied a base coat to protect my nails. Unlike the other designs I did so far, I didn't apply any base color. I simply started creating the design by applying the three colors in thin strips, not paying attention to how straight they were and completely disregarding the fact that they sometimes flooded my cuticles. It got a little messy, just because I had to apply the nail polishes in a generous amount, so that they can be opaque in one coat. I also had to move quickly, to prevent the nail polish from drying. Next, I just took my smallest dotting tool (I could have also used a needle or a toothpick) and I started swirling the colors from the cuticle area to the tip of each nail. With a brush dipped in acetone, I cleaned my cuticles right away, before the nail polish dried. One the design was dry, I applied my Farmec Gel TopCoat to give the manicure a smooth and glossy finish.

I hope you like this design and the colors I chose. It is very easy to do with both hands, it doesn't require any special tools or skills and the result is pretty as hell ! ^_^


  1. Foarte frumos a iesit <3

  2. Ciocolata nu imi place, dar modelul tau, da. :) Imi place cum ti-a iesit!

  3. Foarte frumoase :)

  4. Super combinatia de culori!! <3

    As manca toate cele 10 bucatele de ciocolata!

    1. ^_^ Mersi, Andreea ! Mă bucur că îți plac...